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Hawker Construction Limited has been working in the education sector since 2010

We have carried out projects all over the UK, and whilst primarily based in the Midlands we have delivered projects in Newcastle, London, Sheffield, Birmingham, Leicester, Derby, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Coventry, Cambridge, Norwich, Ipswich, Mansfield, Nottingham, Manchester, Northampton, Oxford to name a few.

We carry out projects on both a Design & Build basis and a traditional Principal Contractors role.  These projects have ranged from the refurbishment of live science blocks to flood alleviation measures. We have delivered new-build classroom blocks to refurbishment and remodelling of existing school buildings.

We can carry out almost any construction project required in the education sector but the majority of our projects would fall into the following categories:

  • Traditional New Build
  • Traditional Extensions
  • Timber Frame Buildings
  • Volumetric Modular Buildings
  • SIPS Buildings
  • Portal Frame Buildings
  • Refurbishments
  • Safeguarding Measures
  • Flood Alleviation
  • Car Parks
  • Sports Facilities
  • Mechanical & Electrical works
  • Decarbonisation / Energy efficiency projects
  • Structural Repairs

Working with various consultants specialising in this sector we understand the nuances associated with education projects.  Projects in the education sector are often extremely challenging for the following reasons:

  • The type of works required varies significantly from one project to the next.
  • There is often a limited budget available to deliver the project requiring a significant amount of early contractor involvement to develop the scope and often value engineer.
  • Timescales often require accelerated programmes of work due to a need for the facilities to be operational by a certain date to accommodate an upcoming or existing need for facilities.
  • The specific logistics associated with working in live schools for periods of the project.

Therefore, when working in the education sector it is essential to work with a contractor that has the construction knowledge and the experience of working in a live educational environment.

We ensure we engage with all stakeholders at the commencement of an education project to understand the impact of the required works and how we can work with them to minimise this.  

We understand the importance of communicating not just with the project stakeholders but also the facilities management team, the business manager, the teachers and in some instance pupils themselves, to ensure a successful project delivery.

We will have Health & Safety at the forefront of all our planning as well as ensuring the budget and programme of the project are upheld at all times.  Planning the works using our extensive knowledge and experience is key to achieving this but equally as important is communicating these plans and adjusting them base don information received as the project progresses.  We will update our programme and hold regular meetings with the relevant stakeholders so everyone is aware of what is happening on the project at any time.

We also pride ourselves on providing high quality workmanship on all of our projects and our Quality management systems ensure this si the same on every project.  We are constantly monitoring the workmanship on site to ensure it is at the level we expect as well as recording lessons learnt on projects where this may not have been achieved first time.

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